Safe. Fast. Affordable.

The Why
Easy Online Application
No paperwork, no driving to a store, no looking for a FAX machine, no paperwork and no nonsense. We do the entire thing online which makes things convenient and easy.

Fast Approval
Our approval process is lightning fast so you can have an answer in minutes or sometimes even seconds. Our operators are standing by right now to handle your application.

Fast Delivery
When you apply early in the day we can usually get you funds on the same day. Even if you are after the cutoff, your funds will never be more than a business day away. You can count on it.
The How
Find Your Documentation
You'll need the following:
  • SSN
  • Driver's License
  • Online banking information

Submit The Form
Go to the application form and fill it out. This should take no more than a few minutes, unless you're a very slow typist. We only need the documentation above, your contact information, and the amount you wish to borrow.

Send a Screen Capture
The final item we need to collect is your banking information. Once the form is submitted, you'll be given a link to a software package which should be compatible with your computer or phone that you're currently using. When you install and run it you will be prompted to log in to your online banking and pull up the last 31 days of transactions. When that's on your screen you should click the "Submit" button in the upper right corner of the screen. We'll immediately process your application and in some cases instantly approve your loan.

The What
What is the maximum?
Under Wisconsin law you can't end up owing more than $1500 or 35 percent of your gross monthly income. For example, if you earn $3000 per month the maximum amount you can owe is 35% x $3000 = $1050. If you pay 15% interest on a loan, then to find the maximum amount you take your maximum amount owing and divid by 1.15, so for that $3000 monthly income you would take 35% x $1500 / 1.15 = $913. Since this leaves no space for overdue interest, we would round this down to $800.

What should I use it for?

Payday loans aren't intended for long term use, and they aren't intended for frivolous expenses.

Payday loans are good if:

  • You have an unexpected need for money
  • It's an amount you can afford to repay on time

Payday loans are bad if:

  • You can't pay it off on the due date
  • You expect the financial problem to last for months
  • You're paying off other debt with new debt

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